Learn to Play Guitar in a Day!

"She's the pied piper of instructional guitar." David Lusterman, Publisher
Acoustic Guitar magazine

"Marlene's a great teacher with a brilliant vision!", Colin, California

"She really designed a great course and she's a great teacher."  Donne, Colorado

"I liked her way of unraveling the mysteries of playing the guitar!" John, New Jersey

"Fantastic!! I wish I had taken this workshop 15 years ago!" Jennifer, California

"Marlene's great at teaching and covered everything I needed to know."  Aaron, Washington

"It was enthusiastically presented and Marlene knew her stuff!"  Michele, California

"Marlene was very organized, supportive and had the right mix of content." Julie, Colorado

"I liked learning how to strum and pick."  Owan, Hawaii (Maui)

"Friendly, fun and I learned a lot, 5 hours went quickly!."  Lawson, California

"I liked playing familiar songs, it feels like an accomplishment!" Julie, New York

"It was the perfect amount of material for the 5 hour workshop." Becky, Colorado

"The workshop was fantastic!"  Skip, New York

"I would highly recommend the workshop for someone who wants to learn to play guitar quickly!"   Amy, California

"This is great to get you started and on your way to playing guitar."  Gwynn, Washington

"Excellent workshop, wish it were longer!"  Everett, Colorado

"It was easy going, I didn't feel uncomfortable for not knowing how to play" Judy, Washington

"Very helpful and inspiring, Marlene's energy and interaction was great."  George, Colorado

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